Full Paper Accepted at AGILE 2015

The paper entitled “Automated Generation of Indoor Accessibility Information for Mobility-Impaired Individuals” by Nemanja Kostic and Dr Simon Scheider has been accepted at the AGILE 2015 conference, taking place 9 – 12 June in Lisbon.  The paper proposes a methodology to automate the extraction of information on the accessibility of indoor spaces, starting with CAD floor plans.  Simulation of movement is used to compute the accessible space of an indoor environment by comparing the degree of match between geometrical demands of navigation in a wheelchair and the relevant physical properties of the environment.  The authors also investigate digital representations of indoor environments and adopt the grid graph model as suitable both for running simulations and for deriving higher-level networks of indoor places and their connections.  These can be used to communicate the results of the simulations to users of assistive navigation systems in a way that more closely resembles the ways humans conceive of and communicate about space.

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