Making the Web of Data available via WFS

Most Geographic Information Systems (GIS) do not support the usage of Linked Open Data thus, we believe that combining both worlds; Linked Open Data (LOD) and Geographic Information Systems has a great potential to improve accessibility and interoperability in Geographic Information Systems.
Linked Open Data approach links data from different sources in the Web, and so is creating a rich network of information, a former master student from MSc. Geoinformatics course, at the University of M├╝nster, Germany, demonstrated that the usage of geographic LOD datasets as data sources for WFS is perfectly feasible.
Jim Jones is the author of the master thesis and is now┬áResearch Associate at the Institute for Geoinformatics in the University of Munster for the LIFE project. In his master thesis explored and discussed the benefits of Linked Open Data as a data source for OGC Web services, giving a solution on how it can be technically linked in GIS. His Master thesis called “Making the Web of Data Available via Web Feature Services” goes trough an overview of Linked Geographic Data, showing how it is described in different vocabularies, describing also the Web Feature Service standards and exploring it’s capabilities through its standard operations. He provides a Server application for publishing Geographic Linked Open Datasets via Web Feature Services as a result of his thesis, which can be found on github.
To share your thoughts and future work initiatives you can address him at <> .

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