MSc Thesis Topic: Campus navigation and accessibility in LIFE



We are looking for a highly motivated Master students who would like to develop an indoor/outdoor navigation tool for the campus university of Munster.


 The aim of the thesis is to come up with a tool (mobile/web) , that will enable navigation trough the campus buildings based on a linked open data graph. A first idea is to start by selecting one building of the campus, e.g., the library and create a graph indoor environment with accessibility for disable persons, using linked open data (LOD).


 The Linked Data for eScience Services (LIFE) project, publishes resources as LOD, addressing all kinds of resources, ranged from articles and books across maps and raw data.


 The overall goal of LIFE project is to facilitate sharing the research of data and thus improve interdisciplinary collaboration in science and education. It is a two-year project, that was funded by the German Research Foundation, and is jointly carried out by the Semantic Interoperability Lab (MUSIL) at Institute for Geoinformatics (, the University Library at University of Münster and a wide range of partners.


 If you are interested on knowing more about it email us: Simon <>  or/and Auriol <>

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