Partners and Collaborations

The LODUM team collaborates with a number of partners, both within and outside of the University of Münster. This page provides an overview of these partners, along with a brief description of the nature of the collaboration.

Some of the LODUM partners at the LIFE project kick-off meeting.

  • University Library
    Our library has been a strong collaborator from the very beginning of LODUM. Interesting use cases and a strong interest in using new technologies to improve their services, along with impressive in-house expertise makes the ULB an extremely beneficial partner.
  • CRIS Research Database
    The university’s research database provides one of the biggest input sources for LODUM, collecting data about the faculty and their publications and research projects. LODUM builds on CRIS by transforming and enriching the collection with data from additional sources (e.g. buildings and addresses, course listings).
  • Institute for Comparative Urban History
    One of the main assets at the IStG is its large catalogue and collection of sources documenting urban history, especially covering the area around Münster. We are working with the IStG in integrating their different catalogues and making them available online as Linked Open Data.
  • Course listings and buildings database
    The course listings and the locations of the university buildings are two central sources of information for students – especially new students and exchange students coming to Münster. These datasets are being integrated into LODUM as part of the service offerings for students.
  • 52° North Semantics Community
    52° North is community that develops open source software for the geospatial domain. Along with the team at 52N, we have developed a map-based browser for publications based on Linked Open Data to explore the spatial properties of seemingly non-spatial data.
    While LODUM seems to be the first project of its kind at a german university, similar projects exist at other european universities. Linked Universities (LU) is an alliance of european universities engaged into exposing their public data as Linked Data. The idea for LU came up during our ongoing exchange of ideas with the LUCERO project at Open University, UK.
    Linked Science is an approach to interconnect scientific assets to enable transparent, reproducible and transdisciplinary research initiated by former LODUM team member Dr. Tomi Kauppinen. The community website hosts the research efforts around LODUM and has already produced a number of publications and organized events.