Short Paper accepted at the AGILE 2014!

Little Steps Towards Big Goals. Using Linked Data to Develop Next Generation Spatial Data Infrastructures (aka SDI 3.0) is the title of our short paper to be presented this week at the AGILE Conference 2014 in Castell├│, Spain.

This paper is the outcome of a collaboration between the LIFE team and the Polish research group on Geosemantic Web and Linked Open Geodata, WOGIS.

The authors illustrate the benefits and potential of the Linked Open Data and the Semantic Web approach to support and enrich SDI applications, and emphasize the use of the LOD4WFS Adapter. The LOD4WFS Adapter was proposed by Jones et al., 2014 and offers an alternative for multi-perspective GI applications, creating on-demand data sets based on multiple GI data sources, and exposing this information using the OGC WFS Standard.

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